Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Winter is coming


Four faithful enjoyed a beautiful sunrise on the way to The Crucible to start their weekend off right. We did:

COP: invisible jumprope, Don Qs, Copperhead Squats, Merkins, Reverse Crunch, Merkins, Scorpion kics. Shakedown joined us at end of COP.

Mosey across street to park, under the Caution tape, and break in the basketball courts with a Dora 123. 100 Burpees, 200 Heels2Heaven, audible to 150 Jump Squats. Mosey back over to school playground and use the swings for Merkins-Ups, which is feet in swing and do merkin then tuck legs in and back out. Partner is counter and does 15 WWIIs. Then 4 sets of 8 pullups on whatever part of playground the PAX could find. Switch partners then do 3 sets of Donkey Kicks while partner runs up and down hill. Finish with 3 sets of 20 PLTs and 30 seconds of stretching.

NMS: Solid veteran PAX with ample mumblechatter made the time fly for the Q. Handshake is super supportive of YHC’s road of recovery from COVID. The fresh blacktop at the park was a nice find and once that is all done will enhance the options at the AO. All the PAX were pumped for the 100 burpees for the Dora 123. Coffee at Crossroads after was nice with a TSB sighting behind the counter.

Announcements: Christmas Carol sing next Sunday at Fudds, bring your kids and M. Happy hour at Final Gravity on 12/21. GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY!


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