Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Patient and open-minded PAX


9 of the west ends finest plus a 4 legged friend joined for this weeks Heartbreak Ridge

COP Super Mosey from the lot all the way around school/bus loop to hide from the truck that arrived at 5:31 that appeared to be Gypsy. Various exercises while YHC was trying to design today’s Q

Mosey over to the Track and get in groups of 2. First Group sets up at a 100 meter mark, second group and the 200 meter mark, third group at the 300 meter mark, and last group at the 400 meter mark. Group 1 sprints to the 100 Meter while Group 2 does Merkins/Group 3 does Squats/Group 4 does WWII’s. As the sprinters get to next group everybody rotates exercises. Atilla pointed out that we really needed 5 groups because it meant ever rotation people ended up running 200 meters. *This wasn’t absolutely terrible, but it certainly wasn’t good, hard to communicate/people to see on an open track in the dark. Do not recommend.*

Mosey to the field for a “variation” of a Beast. R1 – Burpees, R2 WWII’s, R3 HRM’s, R4 4-Count Flutters, R5 Squats, R6 – 1 of every exercise for each round.

Mosey back to the flag for 2 minutes of Abs

Announcements – An Evening with Honeydo (Christmas Carols) at Fudd’s house in Gaslight on Sunday, December 18th between 1800-2000 hours. “One Hit Wonders” workout at Dogpile on Christmas Eve, there’s a decent chance todays track work will make the list.

Prayer Requests – Pigskins recovery. We were glad he was out without today and could modify as needed. ‘lil Roger’s (Fudd’s son) friend Emily who just went through surgery. She’s a very sweet and talented 18 year-old.

NMS – the Pax was very generous as YHC did a “make shit up on the fly” exercise on the track today. I’m happy/surprised/slightly disappointed by the lack of trolling. Speaking of trolling, i’ve never seen Lighthouse burn anyone, and Fudd was on the receiving end of it today.


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