Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Magnum PI Day 2022 – Building Bridges


27 guys, including two FNGs posted for the 2022 version of Magnum PI Day. There was some overtime (maybe some false advertising – under investigation), several sweet staches, some great Hawaiian shirts, and lots of great energy and fellowship. This episode transpired like this:

Pre-game group (there were about 10 of us) who showed up for Stache Broga were treated instead to 30 extra minutes of beatdown.

COP – We moseyed to the far circle for COP, including SSHs, DQs (Abe Vigoda style), Jazzercisers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, LBCs.

Proper Dora – we moseyed down to the bottom of the Golden Triangle and paired up for a proper dora – 1 merkin, 2 LBCs and 3 SSHs = 1 Proper Dora. Complete 50 as a team with the runner running up the hill to the circle and back.

COP 2 – here’s your broga – mosey up the long road to the parking area at the end of the field for COP – Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Plank, Ankle Taps.

Mosey back to the Flag to pick up the sleepers/travelers

0630 – its Magnum time

Mosey to the customary COP Circle for disclaimer, praise for F3RVA and F3C-ville stepping up to raise $3,300 for The Bridge and back to work, with:

  • 12 Higgins (DQs)
  • 11 TCs (Helicopters)
  • 19 Magnum Merkins
  • 80 SSHs
  • 5 Copperhead Squats
  • 8 something?
  • 19 LBCs
  • 8 Flutter Kicks
  • 8 Box Cutters
  • 1 Burpee for Q’s counting mistake

First episode 12/11/1980. Last episode 5/8/1988

To the Amphitheatre to celebrate the 162 episodes total with 9 Incline merkins on each step (18 steps) going up and 9 dips going down.

STACHE circuit at the bottom with:

  • S – SSHs x10
  • T – Taps (Alternating Shoulder Taps) x10
  • A – American Hammers x10
  • C – Copperhead Squats x10
  • H – Hand-release merkins x10
  • E – BurpEEs x5

YHC’s stunt double (Vinny) took over the Q and off we wen to the pipeline. A benefit of the later start.

Triple Check – Run the pipeloop, Elbow Plank, Scissor kicks 3 times through

Mosey long way around back to the golden triangle circle for some COP, including Dobbermans and 50 WWIIs OYO.

Mosey back to the flag for Ring of Fire with Dealer’s Choice merkins

Numbers, Names, Pictures, Announcements, some wonderful words from Jay James from The Bridge and then Jay took us out with a great prayer.


  • Congrats to C-ville for their successful toy drive. Well done men.
  • Breaking Bread – 12/24 is open. Oyster is taking over the BB Q position. Thanks to Upchuck for all his hard work on BB and thank you to Oyster for taking it over. Its a great service men.
  • 12/18 – Carols at Fudd’s – A Night with HoneyDo.
  • 12/10 – HDHH at Hardywood Westcreek.
  • January CPR Class coming
  • 1/21/2023 – Frozen Triangle
  • Prayers for Honeymoon’s family
  • Prayers for C-ville’s Tinker and his family for the strength and health of their newest baby who was born prematurely.
  • Prayers for Bootleg and his family taking care of his FIL.
  • Continued prayers for all those dealing with illness, injuries and obstacles

NMS – Jay spoke to us a bit about The Bridge and their ministry. It is great work. Jay’s words were inspiring. Most of all, I thought his point about the importance of us giving our time and showing the guys at The Bridge (and everyone that we come in contact with) that we care about them is invaluable. Spreading our energy and positivity is infectious and the impacts ripple tremendously – more than financial donations ever can. And, as Jay mentioned, making it a habit is key and that is what F3 instills. I am so proud to be a part of this group. You men are Awesome.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in this effort and Magnum PI Day. Special thanks to Vinny and Kubota for their energy and leadership. Well done men!

No More Gumbo For You!


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