Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I thought River Run was no longer an AO


5 very cold human ice cycles needed a way to warm the core temperature this morning.

Mosey all the way back to the very end of the neighborhood for the COP

Head back towards the flag Lunges, Box Jumps, Karaoke right and then left, Bear crawl

Mosey to the bottom of the hill and partner up YHC was the shadow for Oyster Partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 runs up the hill and back. WWII’s, Sugar Sticks, Squats

Mosey to the top of the main hill, PAX does exercise that is called while each HIM takes a turn running down then up the hill.

Time is called, BTTF

Numbers / Names YHC took us out

NMS: The overall plan did not go as planned this morning but it kept us moving. YHC had planned to use both the hills together but then realized that they where not as close together as YHC remembered. YHC’s plan was to do a little more cardio this morning but it ended up being a little more than planned.


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