Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Safety First


3 redwoods stood in a parking lot on the outskirts of the City of Richmond waiting for the appointed leader, when said leader did not post as the clock struck 0530 a hot potato sprang forth from the earth and lead the gentlemen into the gloom. While it is known that the potato is not well received by some of the PAX, the 3 Forged into the darkness in search of merkins and prom dates.

Warmup activities began in front of the school led by a smurf named Snuff who then found some traffic cones to be used as props for a triple check. Run the loop of the parking lot, Squat thrusters with the cone and the one best left to the imagination…APDs with the cone. After two rounds a 4th redwood appeared around the bushes and almost abandoned us at the sight of the cone centered APDs. Realizing we were just taking safety to a new level he happily joined in the fun.

Last Call took us around to the amphitheater but not without a stop on the hill for clockwork merkins. Elevens with dips and incline merkins ensued with discussions of Taylor Swift tickets and family social activism.

Next up YHC took us around the middle school with varying travel methods and exercises on the lightpole alley, finishing with a 2 round Dora of merkins and flutters. After a generous offer of writing the backblast even if the workout did not close with me on the Q, Bone Thugs took us to a wall for some sit and slaps or something that was painful. Close it out back with the cones to emphasize the safety theme.

What a great cool morning to be in the gloom. The cold weather is coming so remember – SOP, sleeves are not always needed but take care of the digits. Tips on getting Taylor Swift tickets are welcomed by Last Call who’s family may or may not be planning to tour with her.

Announcements – See slack but here are a few

  • Ruck for canned goods Friday
  • HDHH – 11/22 Hardywood West Creek
  • TYA’s Thanksgiving history lesson – Time?
  • Forest Hill Loops – Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Bone Thugs is running a half marathon (TBD)
  • Return of the Frozen Triangle – Details to come

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