Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What do you mean this is a run focused Bootcamp?


If one were to check F3RVA.Org and the WaThoHuk workout, you would see “Run focused Bootcamp”. However, rumor has it that if you check from somewhere deep in Goochland, it says otherwise.

Thanks to the deceit of the innerwebs, Tater made a special appearance. Despite the option to join a sore Pigskin to do some burpees and light running at the site of the AO, Tater instead joined the running crew through the fog. According to the bacon smell from Whole Foods, this is what happened:

Ran to the West Broad Village playground for warmups of SSH, IW, Ukrainian Soldiers, Freddies & LBCs. Continue running to the end of the village and the new row houses with the great view of the 64 exit ramp. At that parking lot, we did 5 circuits of lunges (~ 20 yards), 20 squats and 10 merkins. Ran to the diamond store and took on some Captain Thor’s. It is a Jack Webb starting with one WWII followed by four American Hammers. Worked our way to ten WWIIs and forty American Hammer. Took some breaks in the middle to stretch our backs. This set of exercises started with Tater saying something like “I’m going to steal this for Gridiron” and ended with all of us saying something like “never again” and “I hate Whitesnake”.

We then ran back to the flag. Only hit 2.8 miles total. Taking on the best Marvel has to offer comes with consequences.


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