Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rock and Roll


12 guys made it out on a bright Saturday morning. Plus a cameo from Doublemint. Much lighter than it has been due to the time change.

Start in the basketball court

20 Side strattle hops
10 Ukrainian soldiers
10 don quyotes
10 Imperial walkers
15 little circles palms up
15 big circles palms down
10 merkins
15 LBCs

Mosey to the tennis courts
Four corners
Benches at each station
Disperse into groups at each bench

Someone uses each bench to do 12 step ups
All others do Broad jumps front and back and side to side
Keep doing this untl everyone has done 12 step ups

1st 4 corners
10 burpees

30 Freddy Mercuries

10 merkins

40 bicycles

15 burpees

30 crunchy frogs

15 merkins

25 leg raises w heels to heaven

Everyone does 10 supermans to make sure our stomachs are equally wet

15 burpees

30 heel touchers

15 merkins

25 World war 2s

15 burpees

15 standard merkins

15 left oblique v ups

15 right oblique v ups

Everyone does 15 supermans

Mosey over to picnic tables in center parking lot
15 chair dips
15 jump squats

20 chair dips
20 side straddle hops

25 chair dips
25 Skaters

Mosey over to the concession stand
Team up
Balls to the wall plank
Other person bear crawls down the hill and Bernie Sanders backwards up the hill 3 times

Run around parking lot 25, 50, 75, 100% each section

Run to power tower and back increasing by 25% until to 100%

Mosey back to basketball courts
Merkins to fail
Leg flutters 20 count IC
Plank for 1 minute
Don quyotes 10 count IC

Side shuffles to vehicles


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