Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Youth movement at HBR


10 strong posted under a Blood Moon in a busy polling parking lot to see what goofy theme YHC might cook up. PAX ages ranged from 14 up to 69. We did:

COP in cellblock: SSH, Don Qs, Ukrainian Soldiers, Merkins, Hillbillies, Reverse crunches. Mosey to PES lot for:

Decide the Congress: Partner up. Each twosome do: 51 Burpees and 218 Merkins. 1st pair to finish gets to call the election results for tonight.

Once votes were cast mosey over to Pull-up bars: 4 rounds of 8 Pullups and WWIIs. Head over to DK wall for more partner work: Dora 123 of 100 Donkey Kicks, 200 Jump Squats, & 300 LBCs. Head back to flag but stop on the ramp to do a bear crawl tunnel. 2 min of Mary at end and time.

Announcements: 11/18 Ruck for Food starting at 7:00 at Hoedown. Bring your Ruck and canned goods for donations. Thanksgiving Happy Hour 11/22 at Hardywood West Creek. 2nd F West End lunch today at Firehouse Subs Innsbrook at noon.

NMS: Solid work from the 2 14 year olds posting at 5:30 on their day off from school. You’d think adding 2 teenagers into the PAX would making mumblechatter skew more immature but without Handshake here the maturity level of the PAX actually went up.

YHC and Offshore won the Congress race and Offshore decided he’s supporting they party that has a policy of mandatory fluid collections. Good to have Mr Holland posting at his old neighborhood AO. YHC swears he wasn’t trying to call all shoulder exercises to mess with you. Please be sure to vote today, you might even see Upchuck in your voting booth.


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