Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s your number :)


9 of the worlds most highly trained and physically fit athletes made their way to Hoedown to see if Doozy wanted to sit in child’s pose or actually do something in this beatdown. According to Bodos’s organ player this is what happened.

Mosey across the street and 1 lap around the church and back to the far corner of the A lot.

COP – DQ’s, Helicopters, Deadman Hangs, Imperial Walkers, Ukrainian Soldiers and possibly a few other things

Bust out the plastic bowls one empty and one full of small slips of paper with numbers on them. Each HIM in time draws a number and the PAX does the exercise and amount of times that match the number on the master sheet. After each 5 HIM drawing a number PAX runs one lap around the church. PAX made it through all 20 numbers and 3 extra credit drawings.

Mosey BTTF 5 minutes left, use the hill from the lot to the fence. Bernie up the hill for 10 squats, mosey down the hill for 10 2 count ball dippers repeto until time is called

Numbers / Names Pigskin took us out


An oldy but a goody as my Grandmother would have said. Perfect weather once again for a beatdown in the early AM. Always good seeing some of the guys that YHC hasn’t seen in a while and then meeting some new guys.

Just saw a slack that there is a Happy Hour happening 11/22 at Hardywood West Creek starting at 5:00 until …..


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