Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pickleball courts, pull-up bars, and no sand volleyball court, oh my!


Twelve gentlemen, most unaware it was the Merkin Challenge Month, posted to GridIron expecting less than 300 merkins. Two travelers, looking to go west, led the PAX in a merkin intensive beatdown that went something like this.

Opus Q

COP -All IC – Merkins, hillbillies, crabcakes, scorpion kicks, arm circles, copperhead squats, IW, freddies, crunchy frogs

Bear Crawl Mixer

  • Bear Crawl left, 5 merkins, bear crawl right 5 merkins
  • crawl bear out, 5 HRM’s, bear crawl in 5 HRM’s
  • r hand out , then L leg out, bord dogs, then do the other way
  • cobra, downward dogs


Partner Up and do -100 Surf Jacks, 200 Merkins, 300 LBCs while timer runs to Burning Bushes and back.

Phonics Q

Mosey to Pull-up bars. Along the way, stop at bleachers for 10 APD Dips IC. Stop again to do 10 Merkins and 5 Burpees.

Chin-Up Hold/Merkins

Hold your chin above the bar as Q counts down from 15. As he reaches 5, slowly let yourself down. After this is completed, do 10 Merkins IC. Then alternate Q. We did this for 8 rounds and were led by YHC, Chumbucket, Tater, Fireman Ed, Blue Moon, Attila, Mariner, Lighthouse.

Triple Sprints

In Group of 3, one member sprints towards 2nd member. 2nd member then sprints back while 1st member does 5 burpees. 3rd member then sprints as 2nd member does 5 burpees. Do this 5 times then bar crawl to center for 10 merkins.

Mosey to parking lot.

Four corners – Lunge to first corner and do 10 jump squats. Karaoke to 2nd corner for 20 Monkey Humpers. Run backwards to 3rd corner for 30 Heels-To-Heaven. Karaoke to 4th corner for 40 WW2s.

Plank-O-Rama – Circle up in Football Field. Do the following: 10 Carolina Dry Docks/Merkins IC, hold plank then rotate to side plank. 10 IC- Lower hip and raise hip then hold, rotate to back plank – 10 IC – Lower and raise butt then hold plank, rotate to other side, 10 IC – lower and raise hip then hold plank, rotate to normal plank – 10 IC rotating elbow planks followed by 20 IC Mountain Climbers.

Mosey back to SF

COT – Numberarama, Name-O-Rama, Announcements, Opus took us out.


YHC has really enjoyed the DaVille Monthly Takeovers because he has met a number of F3RVA members throughout the region and has been able to explore many of the AOs. Not posting at Gridiron for several years, YHC had no idea that the sand volleyball court had been removed and the county had added 11 pickleball courts, a huge playground, and a pull-up bar system that is comparable to the Rusty Cage at Dogwood Dell. Wow, what an upgrade to an already terrific AO.

For the Merkin Challenge, the total count was 330 if Carolina Dry Docks don’t count and 340 if they do count. YHC needs a judge to determine.

For 2022, DaVille has one more takeover left on Sunday, December 3. Here we come Sunday Funday and Off the Books if that’s an AO that needs to be covered. Will DaVille continue this into 2023? Only time will tell.


Good luck to those F3 PAX members doing the Richmond Marathon next week including Chum Bucket and Johnsonville!

Join the November Merkin Challenge. F3RVA is taking on the entire state of New Jersey. Merkin goes for the month range all the way to 10,000 by Hardywood. Visit Slack to sign up.

Outstanding job today men! This was a challenging beatdown and met every challenge.

Gotta Run!



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