Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Prostitutes get confused on where their home is


3 regular (ly) dressed trick or treaters and 1 fully decked out in his anima costume visited RnR this morning to see what Doozy had prepared. YHC had to admit right out of the gate that there was no plan this morning, it was going to just have to come out of his sick and twisted head.

Mosey to the tennis courts for COP

DQ’s, Dead Man Hangs, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, LBC’s, American Hammers

To the corner for 4 corners prostitute 10 – WWII, 20 – Jump Squats, 30 – LBC’s, 40 – Calf Raises

Reverso (direction) 10 – 2 count Ball Dippers, 20 – 2 count American Hammers, 30 – squats, 40 – LBC’s

Chaplain was having a hard time fully committing to the Prostitute and kept trying to make it a regular 4 corners

Mosey a long way to the stairs by the concession stand

Partner up – Partner 1 does exercises while partner 2 runs up the stairs around the building and back – Dips, Step ups and Box Jumps

Mosey to the parking lot (because Chaplain asked for it) 4 corners regular

Corner 1 – 20 WWII, Corner 2 – 30 Squat Jumps, Corner 4 – 40 single count American Hammers, Corner 4 – 50 – Lt Dans

Mosey to the end line of the parking lot (somewhat of a beast but not really) run about 1/4 of the way do 10 of called exercise, run to the 1/2 repeto, run to the 3/4 repeto, run to end turn around repeto on the way back. Exercises where your choice WWII or Merkins, second wave Smerf Jacks

Mosey to the next lot full sprint from end line to end line

Mosey back towards the flag, YHC did not realize they had removed the rails when they re-did the parking lot

BTTF time for ring of fire your choice Plank position or Lazy Boy, if you chose plank, when its your turn you do 20 Merkins of your choice. If you chose Lazy Boy you do Ab work of your choice

Numbers / Names Chaplain took us out

Beer Mile tonight see Face Plant for details


YHC really did try to think of a good way to make this a Halloween workout but was having trouble getting in the spirit. YHC’s kids are all aging out of the Halloween experience. The M and I will still sit out front in the driveway this year handing out lots of candy / beer (age appropriate) and Posey will head out with friends for some candy but will most likely end up playing X-Box or Play Station. Next year will probably be the harder year because Posey will more than likely not dress up and it will be a year of lasts with our middle child.


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