Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Anniversaries Abound


A Baker’s Dozen posted to First Watch on this warm, misty, gloomy, foggy morn in order to celebrate some anniversaries. There was also a workout, that went like this:

Mosey over to the tiniest of Henrico parks for:


SSH’s x 20, Helicopters x 10, Ukrainian Soldiers x 10, DQ’s x 10, Jazzercises x 10

Mosey down S. Ridge Road to almost the bottom for:

Traveling Lindsay:

Merkins and V-ups (ouch!)

High Knees, Butt Kickers, Ukrainian Soldier Walk, Bernie Sanders, Bear Crawl in between sets.

Toss the Q to Honeydo

Mosey back up to the parking lot and everyone grab a block.

Teams of 4 rotating between and completing two rounds of Overhead Press, Bench Press, Swings and run a lap around the parking lot.

Toss the Q to Splinter

One lap around parking lot with block in hand.

Redeposit blocks and mosey over to the curvy brick wall by the church.

Everyone complete/attempt to complete a Balls to the Wall Hand Walk along the length of the wall (this is sure to be shelved until the FW 10th Anniversary)

Mosey around behind the church to the main parking lot and complete 5 Jump Squats at each handicap sign (there were a lot) and bear crawl in between each sign. Turn around at the end and complete 5 Hand-Release Merkins at each sign and Lunge in between. Made it halfway before YHC took the Q back over (sorry, Splinter) and headed back the the shovel flag.

3 Burpees for the First Watch 3rd Anniversary

5 Burpees for YHC’s 5th F3RVA Anniversary

Numbers, Names, Announcements and YHC took us out!
Announcements: See Slack

Prayer Requests: Splinter’s former running coach, Coach Chuck. Splinter’s cousin’s family.


Three years for First Watch and five years for YHC! Double celebration! To start off with, First Watch was an experiment that Honeydo and YHC started that seemed strong at first, waned for a while, grew back stronger for a few months, then really got strong and has stayed that way leading up to today. First Watch has been called a “Stand around and Watch each other” AO by one pax member early on, an “AO for those on the Injured Reserve” by another pax member early on and an AO that’s “not going to make it because it starts a 5am” by a host of others. Well, YHC calls BS!! We are now averaging around 12 each Wednesday with a high of 17. But, it’s not about numbers here. It’s about having a good time oversharing and just letting loose! Broga helps beforehand and coffeeteria helps afterwards. At this AO, anyone can share anything and not worry about any repercussions, especially those repercussions from our M’s. The workout this morning was a repeat of the first workout conducted here, by the same Q’s, at the end of October 2019. Thanks to all for helping make this AO what it is today!

In closing, YHC wants to thank everyone in the F3RVA pax for the last five years. YHC may not post regularly like he used to, but the brotherhood and friendships get stronger every week. YHC appreciates each and every one of you!




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