Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dogs are Smarter than People


Fourteen able-bodied athletes, plus one four-legged friend with boundless energy, gathered in the cool bowl for this week’s Spider Run. Only one noticeable ‘sigh’ from the PAX when instructions began at 0529. They were…


  • Head west and do a lap around the lake
  • 5s go east first and touch UR drive before doubling back and doing the loop
  • 6s go up and touch the parking lot by the baseball field before doubling back and finishing the loop
  • Most of us (sorry Hitch and Thugs) meandered back to the base of Towana & Roselawn for some nestling and hugging
  • 4 intervals up Roselawn (Singer’s choice)
  • 4 intervals up Towana (Singer’s demise)
  • 1 interval up Roselawn (Singer’s showcase)
  • 1 interval up Towana (TYA’s triumph)

BTTVSF where YHC took us out.


  • Forest Hill Loops on Black Friday. 7am start. Beat TYA and get a used pair of short running shorts.
  • Turkey Trot on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. 6.2 miles around UR. Plan your start time accordingly.
  • Lots of individuals celebrating F3 anniversaries. Be on the lookout for someone with a 4 year coming up, and a potential week of Qs.
  • Prayers for Shawn Hogan family.


In YHCs mind, there were far fewer sighs and far greater enthusiasm for intervals than there have ever been. Considering we only do them 3-4 times a year, everyone should love them. Sippy’s proclamation that Roselawn was ‘shallower’ only offered modest reprieve.

Fourteen dudes and un perro must have been enough to keep the hat thief at bay this AM. No sign of the flighted kleptomaniac but there was one very considerate 545am Uber driver.

Enjoy the day fellas.



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