Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pumpkins everywhere


7 of RVA’s finest dudes joined me at Satan’s Hill today for what I intended to be a light day. The guys seemed too chipper, so I figured we needed to push it a bit. Wilson joined the Pax this morning – had to hook him up with some running.


Circle up Pax. SSH, good helping of helicopters, Imperial Walkers, Dead Man Hang, LBCs, sitting ham string stretches, Muricans.

The Thang:

  1. Glowing pumpkIn tour: Mosey through New Market Villages. 5x Murican and 10x Squat for each glowing pumpkin. There were a few too many pumpkins…some mumble chatter about the Q promising a coupon workout etc. Pax made it to the start of unfinished section. Mosey back as Pax to coupon stack (I did promise).
  2. All about the Benjamins: Grab a coupon. Line up. 3x rounds of 25/25/25/25 of called exercises.
    1. Round 1: 25 curls/25 lunges forward/25 squats/25 lunges back to coupon.
    2. Round 2: 25 overhead press/25 yard coupon carry/25 ww2s tapping the coupon/25 yard coupon carry back to line.
    3. Round 3: 25 muricans with hands on coupon/25 yard sprint and back/25 squats
  3. 5 minutes of Mary (Abs). Circle up the Pax. Around the circle. Each dude calls out said exercises and counts. We did flutter kicks, WW2s, murican hammer, LBCs, box cutters, Freddie Mercury, Sword Play?, and wrapped up with plank.


Wrap up:



  1. Beer mile 10/29/22 (11th Annual – Shawn G Hogan)
  2. Happy Hour at Veil (Forrest Hill location) – 10/20/22
  3. Sign up for the Rugged Maniac on April 29, 2023. About $29 now. See Mudslide or Florence for team sign up details.

Hermes prayed us out (thanks bro).

Good work guys –



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