Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Whipped Cream and Vodka


6 men enjoyed some stimulating conversation that focused on bad alcoholic beverages, teenage impulsivity, and proper monkey humping techniques. We also managed to get in approximately 45 minutes of exercise. A brief summary for your viewing pleasure.

Mosey to the lower circle for Warm-Up:
SSH’s, Ukranian Soldiers, Monkey Love Makers, Imperial Walkers, Hand Release Merkins, LBC’s
AND Mario Jumps, Squatting Side Shuffles x 2, Mummy Bernie all across the circle.

Exercise One: Pole Work
1st pole – 20 hero plank jacks
2nd pole – 20 jump squats
3rd pole – 20 2 ct. American Hammers.

Repeat pattern until we reach the Brokeback Railing area.

Exercise Two: Team Double Triple Check
Runners run up the ramp and back.
Exercisers do: Balls to the Wall (rd. 1), Chicken Peckers (rd. 2), Pigskins (rd. 3).
Switch runner/exercise between rounds

Mosey to Mt. Chaplain for Exercise Two:
On the ascent: Bear Crawl up hills/grass areas, Jackrabbit Jumps on parking lots.
On the descent: Crab Walk hills/grass, flutter kicks: 25, 50, 75, 100

Exercise Three: Monkey Humper Ring of Fire
Monkey Humpers while one man runs to the school and back. Go until everyone has run.

Back to the flag for Names/Numbers/Announcements/Prayer requests

YHC took us out

Final thoughts: Appreciate the small but enthusiastic crew on this rainy morning. There was absolutely zero chance of us looking for a sheltered area. Way to push through! Some hilarious discussion of teenagers vomiting bad mixed drinks – really brought me back to the good old days.


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