Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

He ain’t heavy


He’s just got a heavy kettlebell. Part way thru the 2nd set of 11s, various members of the Pax traded off and used Offshore’s kettlebell. A 45-pound kettlebell really does feel a lot heavier! Atilla gets to loaf some next time at Circus Maximus because he worked out the most with Offshore’s kettlebell (after Offshore).

Due to a mix-up in the weather, it rained (a little) today. Normally, if it rains, Fireman Ed is the Q. We need to change the Q forecast to “if it rains, a 90% chance that Fireman Ed is the Q”.

We need to improve the colors of our group. We had 2 white animals today (Snake and Deer); no Green Hornet, no Blue Moon. Maybe we need to name someone Purple Rain. I guess we could rename Lighthouse or Byproduct.

And today, I am the proud father of a 33-year-old daughter. I know she doesn’t read these writeups, but “Happy Birthday Johanna!”

So here’s how it went down.


SSHs, IWs, Ukrainian Soldiers, Don Quixote, stretch arms, stretch hamstrings.

20 High Pulls (single count): 20 Deep Mountain Climbers (Single count); 18 of each, 16 of each, etc.

11s: Curls, Rifle carry, Swings

Run around island

11s: Overhead presses, Farmer’s carry, Goblet Squats

Run around island


Heels to Heaven in cadence

60-count 6-inch leg lift


Oct 29 Beer Mile

Oct 29 Blacksburg launch


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