Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Pre-workout discussion of changes to Pouncey Track Park. Additional Pickleball courts are proposed, along with additional parking and moving the pull-up bars. There’s also the Tuckahoe Tomahawks playing today.

Mosey to near the pull-up bars.

It’s great to have a workout to go to on Saturday mornings (and the rest of the week for that matter.) One thing I do miss is the 2nd F after the workout on Saturday. Between Vacations, childcare and in the next two weeks, Cub Scouts, I’ve missed a lot of 2nd F on Saturday. I’m hoping to get back to showing up starting in three weeks.


20 SSHs, 10 MM Merkins, 15 Knee-ups, (all in cadence), stretch

Mosey to Burpee Hill

7 minutes of Burpees

Using Pull-up bars:

11s with Hanging Knee-ups and Bulgarian Split Squats using the picnic benches

Back to football field near fence

10 Romanian Leg Lift (in cadence) Left leg then right leg

Soccer(?) field below the football field

11s with get ups and Ukrainian Hammers

Mosey to far end of the soccer field

Run/belly touch each red line to the other end

Mosey to Wall in front of school

15 People’s Chair air press, 10 BTTW Hip slaps, (all in cadence), 15 donkey kix

15 People’s Chair milkers, 10 BTTW Australian Mountain Climbers (all in cadence), 15 donkey kix

15 People’s Chair la-lanes, 10 BTTW toe taps (all in cadence), 15 donkey kix

Stretching exercise

Mosey to the loading dock

Behind the loading dock 10 Squats, climb wall and fence to loading dock, cross loading dock, climb down loading dock, mosey to asphalt for 10 HRMs. 3X

Mosey back to soccer field

Bear crawl/Crab walk about 2/3s of the field changing at each red line

Mosey to parking lot

20 Heels to Heaven, 20 Rosalitas 6-inch leg left to count of 60


Oct 11: 2nd F, Tuesday Lunch Innsbrook Firehouse Subs: show up sometime between say 11:30 and 1:00.

Oct 29: 2nd F, Beer Mile. Also, F3 Launch in Blacksburg


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