Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The DaVille takeover brings the Burpee/Merkin Ladder to WTH.


Eight men including a northern traveler who was attempting a takover gathered at Pocahontas Middle School for a running beatdown that went something like this:

Short mosey followed by COP #1 – SSH then 1 burpee and 2 merkins.

Mosey down Three Chopt, right on John Rolfe, run 1 block then right on Liesfeld followed by COP #2 – Helicopters then 2 burpees and 4 merkins

Mosey a few blocks followed by COP #3 – Don Quixotes followed by 3 burpees and 6 merkins.

Mosey a few blocks followed by COP #4 – Arm Circles (10 small, 5 big), then reverso followed by 4 burpees and 8 merkins.

Mosey onto the lake trail. COP #5 – Lunges (1 leg at a time, then other leg) followed by 5 burpees and 10 merkins

Mosey further down trail COP #6 – Angled knee jumps followed by 6 burpees and 12 merkins

Mosey back to Pocahontas MS for COP #7 – LBCs and 1 legged APD/other leg followed by 7 burpees and 14 merkins.

Chutes and Ladders – In bus loop, do 5 half burpees at start, run 2 lights and do 5 half burpees, run back one light, run 2 for 5 half burpees. Do this until the bus loop is complete. (8 light post) followed by 8 burpees and 16 merkins.

Mosey to track. Sprint straightaways, slow jog the turns. Do 2.5 to 3 loops of the track.

Mosey back to the VSH. Total distance 3.3 miles

COT – Numberarama, Name-O-Rama, Announcments, YHC took us out.


A few years ago, Splinter did a COP that he did increasing burpees after every exercise. YHC then led a bootcamp at DaVille about a year later that he did the same thing but added increasing merkins to it. A few months ago, Helix and YHC during a DaPile bootcamp did the same thing except during a run. This is what was attempted today. Run a little, circle up, do an exercise, then burpees/merkins then run a little more.

What YHC learned from today’s running bootcamp.

  1. Going a 5K in a bootcamp is not easy. With about 7 minutes left, we were only at 2.4 miles even though we had been moving continuously the entire time. COP exercises and burpees/merkins takes some time and gives 0 miles. The track was the fastest way added the necessary distance in a short time.
  2. The campus of PMS gives lots of running options.
  3. The area has many shopping centers, neighborhoods, and trails that can lead to a large variety of activities.
  4. Still unsure where a good spot for pullups is for 8 people in this area.
  5. The Q of WTH is often determined by who showed up Wednesday mornings.
  6. With several school divisions out of school today, this is a good day to have high school seniors fill out college applications. Thanks for the suggestions Whitesnake.


  • Beer Mile – October 29
  • Fellowship Luncheon – Next Tuesday (2nd Tuesday of the month)

It was great meeting many of you today, and it was a pleasure to lead so many outstanding PAX members. Well done everybody!

Gotta Run!



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