Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Qfusion and Patty Cake


Note – Heist is ghost writing for Rosco because he forgot his password. This was a week ago, so I will try my best.

Background: Rosco, ”who has the Q today?” Pax, ”You”.

COP: Usual stuff like ’muricans, SSH, deadman hang, choppers, etc.

The Thang: On the fly, Rosco decided the Pax should mosey through the dark wooden path to New Market village (NM village). Peter Parker saved the day with his spider watch.

“Do the slow things slow and the fast things fast” says the Q. I can get down with that I think to myself…but then I hear, ”partner stretch.” So, we did some buddy stretches…

After that, we ran to multiple culdesac entrances and did various good form low rep exercises.

Made it to undeveloped/rock paved part of NM Villages. Q had us jog down to the very end of the devoplennt where we stopped to play patty cake. Just kidding.

Native american standing arm wrestling was the game. Picture this: Stand foot to foot. Clasp hands ”over the top” style and try to pull other man off balance. Something out of WW2 army training footage. I went versus Nancy and Parker…both like iron statues…crushed me, my spirits, and my wrist/forearm.

Anyway, after that fun we did some Bernie Sanders back through NM Villages, followed by mosey and every other mailbox sprint.

Back to the AO parking lot.

Numbers/Names. Rosco prayed us out.


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