Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Better late than never…


4 gents showed up. one was late. Thanks to bulkhead for taking the COP whilst YHC arrived.

YHC woke up with quite a start at 5:25 and rushed his butt to get to Manndate. YHC has no idea what the COP was.

After that we did a slow and steady workout.

3 rounds of the following exercises
reverse overhead press slowly — 10 seconds down — we did 8 reps of this
tempo deadlift 10 seconds also 8 reps
side lunge no bell 10 seconds both down and up — 5 per side
low merkin position hold 30 seconds
tempo split squat 10 seconds down and up, 5 per side
bent row hold 30 seconds per side.

and that was the whole workout.

YHC wasn’t sure how this workout would go — some exercises were easier than YHC thought they would be. Some like the tempo split squat were much harder than imagined. Great work by all.


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