Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Category 2


Since a hurricane is approaching our shores and cancelled major events across the east coast it was no better a time to do a little WTH hurricane. 

The goal is 5 rounds for time: 

Our crew of 5 woke up early set out on the path to complete a hurricane. 

Round the corner to the cement pad for a Warmarama where we did:

20 SSH 

10 Helicopters

10 Don Qs 

25 Freddie mercuries


The thang:

Consists of 4 corners all right turns around the Trader Joe’s to the backside of the school and around back to the cement pad for Category 1.

Each corner we did 25 LBCS.

At the eye of the hurricane we did:

60 Squats

60 scissors

60 shoulder taps

40 merkins

Category 2: round the 4 corners and do 60 mountain climbers at each corner

At the Eye: 


60 squats

60 scissors

60 shoulder taps

40 merkins

Category 3: round the corners 25 LBCs at each corner.

At the Eye: 4 mins left head to the flag

All in all this was a heavy hitter and we did not make it to a Category 3, 4, or 5. We will try again soon. 3.5 miles completed on this Category 2.

Thanks for letting me host! SYITG


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