Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

WTH Impromptu Q


5 pax showed up for a 3 mile run and bootcamp at WTH for an impromptu Q from Roger Roger. Some clocks showed 3.8 miles, but who was counting on this beautiful morning.

Mosey around the lake in the village to the Gazebo for


20 SSH

15 helicopters


25 LBCs

25 dips

Mosey to the parking deck at ACAC to show the paying by standards there is a better way!  

Round 1: 

20 merkins, hike up the stairs, 20 merkins jog down


20 WW2s, run up the stairs, 20 2 count flutters and jog down

R3: relocate to second parking deck in hopes of a sunrise

One round of parking deck 7s Squats/merkins 

(Sunrise didn’t show up) 

Mosey around Trader Joe’s and short pump elementary back to the flag.

Extras- one by standard didn’t say good morning so we completed our tour with 10 burpees.

Thanks for letting me host! SYITG


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