Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bacon bits filling in for Handshake


10 strong took on a humid start to fall at FW. We searched for the crane from last week at the start in the COP but managed to find it on the other side of the church. We did:

COP: Invisible Jump rope, Don Qs, Arm Circles, Freddy Mercurys, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks.

Mosey to back lot and partner up: Dora 123 of: 100 Derkins, 200 Donkey Kicks, 300 Flutterkicks. Switch partners and Wheelbarrow across and back of the lot. Head over to side of church for 4 rounds of: bear crawl across, 15 Merkins, lunge back & 20 LBCs. Mosey over to Coupon drop zone.

Partner up. 1 PAX runs to end of lot & back while other does exercise. 4 exercises were: Block Swings, Curls, Squats, Presses. Stay with partner. Lunge the entire parking lot and back while partner does 5 burpees, runs to catch up and switches block. Finish up with 1 min of American Hammers.

NMS: Solid group this morning. Temps and humidity made for more challenging conditions than the last week. Was nice to have the crane in the back lot as a marker, Upchuck would have created a new exercise: Touch a Crane. BB title comes from Bacon Bits filling in for Handshake by coming in hot at 4:59.

Crazy to have 2 PAX members in their 20s post to a 5:00 am beatdown, that’s dedication. When the blocks were grabbed nobody took the new mega-blocks. As a FW founding member YHC declares Marv a First Watch probationary regular, which means he is under probationary status for 2 months where he can overshare and then earn full regular status.


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