Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lucky F3-versary


Four years ago after much prodding from Handshake YHC showed up for Thursday’s 45 Minutes of Mary. YHC is thankful for that invite and for sticking with it, so many fond memories and relationships that have been built, and it makes this YHC very thankful. Thankful for YHC’s F3-versay twin Lockjaw who ironically enough also shares the same F3-versary and was the Q on that first day at Mary. F3 impacts everyone just a little bit differently, for this YHC there is something primal and necessary for one to get up early exert energy in a pack, and forge social bonds. Saab should know, the social aspect of this group is an important component to YHC, as many an unsolicited stories are told on 6 mile runs throughout the greater Richmond area. You can get a lot of storytelling in for 45 minutes.

In honor of YHC’s F3-versary a luck/unlucky favorite workout made its appearance for SpiderRun. With chalk and dice in hand YHC got up extra early to mark out six lines on Ridgeway Rd and Robin Rd of varying distances up the hill. At the bottom of the hill was the Roll line. At 5:30 YHC announced to the PAX to pair up with someone of equal running abilities, dice were handed out and we mosey’ed over to the Roll line at the bottom of the hill.

Once at the bottom of the hill each pair rolls their dice, whatever number shows up is the number you run up to on the hill then turn back around and roll again – repeato until the clock strikes 6:08 AM. At precisely 6:08 the PAX mosey’s back to the flag (provided by YHC’s F3 grandfather Flatline). In honor of being one F3 year older YHC thought it appropriate to do some light stretching as a group before the bell tolled. Stretching seemed to be very welcomed by all the Spider-runners this morning.

Numbers, Names, and Announcements

Sit and sip, this saturday, 8th anniversary for F3RVA – 7:30 AM convergence start time.

Prayers for Flatlines family member that is sick.

YHC took us out.

Thank you all for being a part of my everyday.


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