Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Double Dutch.. anyone?


10 rested souls ready to take on the day.. What’s the Jump Rope for?

Warmorama: Mosey to the Toll Booth, SSH, DQ, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, Merkins, LBC, Rosalitas

The Thang:
1 Mile short cut to the Rusty Cage for a Triple Check.
1. Knee Ups, 2. Squats, 3. Run to the Fire Hydrant + 1 Burpee. 3 Rounds add an extra Burpee each round.

Mosey to the Penny Stage and grab a Coupon.
1 Person goes on stage and Jump Ropes to 30. Snag the jump rope and you start over. The Jump Rope is the clock. When you get to 30 hand it to the next person. Pax will do a series of exercises waiting on the clock. Exercises: Shoulder Press, Curls, Rows, Squats, Bench Press, Block Burpees, Triceps, Toe Taps

*** Coupon Check*** 10 Burpess on your own. we lost 1 coupon today boys.

Mosey to the Triangle: Partner Check
Partner 1 runs to the end and back. Partner 2 works his way down. Switch at each transition: Bear Crawls, Lunges, Broad Jump Burpees.

1 Mile Short Cut back to the Flag for some Stretching / Broga action.

Rosie took us out. (A lot to be thankful for).

Excellent work!! I missed Ramm on Friday and decided to add a little more running to Dogpile today (2.94 miles, almost got it). Respect to the Early Bird crew who got in 6 miles total. The jump rope looked good on paper. Was trying to keep our heart rate up during the entire workout. The stops between running were not enough for the jump rope. I probably just need to go to more PigSkin Q’s. (If you know you know).

See Slack for:

GridIron: F3 RVA 8 year anniversary.
Sit and Sip / CornHole
FacePlant: Beer Mile
BRR: Training for BRR 2023 started last week.
Frozen Triangle CSAUP: More details coming soon from Gumbo and Rosie



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