Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First Class Run


Still not really even a hint of Fall in the air as 12 guys took their running talents through the hills of the Lower Tuckahoe neighborhood.

By the way…how about the new lights around the pond at UofR?? It’s like running in the daylight…for real. There’s lights and then there’s LIGHTS…and UofR went all in on their LED lights around the pond. Bravo.

Our route…

–Towards the baseball field. Through the parking lot to College. Left on College and Right on University. Take University all the way to Ralston. Left on Ralston. Ralston ends at River…go right on River.

The 4s…they are a bit like Moses…they get to the edge of the Promise Land (in this case, the Promise Land is Windsor on the James, which, if you own a house in that neighborhood and want to sell it, would be the Promise Land)….anyhoo, they get to the Promise Land and double back.

The 5s get to go into the Promise Land…do a lap around the neighborhood…and double back.

The 6s go into the Promise Land…do the lap, double back until Westham. Left on Westham, right on Baldwin, Right on Wood, Left on Lakewood. Right on College…then a lap around the pond…where we saw the incredible lights.

YHC took us out.


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