Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

ISO a BRR-recovery friendly beatdown


Seven strong PAX posted to HBR on a beautiful morning. YHC was recovering from BRR miles alongside Whitesnake and Hanshake so Q was light on running. We did:

COP: Don Qs, Ukrainian soldiers, Imperial Walkers, LBCs, Merkins (no scorpion kicks to everyone’s dismay)

Mosey to covered bus loop: Grab a pole and do boxing roaches while each man at end leapfrogs until end. Head over to PES pullup station: 4 rounds of 8 pull-ups and squats. Over to PES lot for Triple check: Heels2Heaven, Carolina Dry Docks, & run lot and back.

Head over to Tennis courts: 3 rounds of Wheelbarrow to net then 10 Derkins each man. Over to benches for 3 rounds of 40 Benchkicks & 20 Jump squats. Down to Jerkin Gym. 4 rounds of 8 Jerkins. Quick stop on way back to flag for some Aussie Mtn Climbers then 2 min of mary and ROF to close out. Atilla took us out.

Announcements: Convergence 9/24 at 7:30. Sit n Sip later that day.

NMS: Lots of BRR stories being shared before we took off at 5:30. 3 of 7 pax went to BRR so less running was served up. Whitesnake is glad to be able to come to HBR now that BRR training is off for a while. This beatdown covered a good portion of the AO and several things on YHC’s favorites list. Always good to post and Q at beatdown to get your head right when you are having a tough week. Iron Sharpens Iron.


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