Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We Need a Safety Net, Not a Hammock


13 men chose to knock this thing out right now in the latest edition of First Watch, F3RVA’s only AO with its own cult following. Temperatures remained 70 and sunny. According to the citizens concerned upon seeing men with cinder blocks in the middle of the night, the following might have happened:

THE COP (singular):

Mosey to the grassy knoll in front of River Road Church (a Baptist-type organization):

SSH’s x20 (4-count)
Merkins x5 (4 count)
Hillbillies x10 (4-count)
Merkins x5 (4 count)
Imperial Walkers x10 (4-count)
Merkins x5 (4 count)
Dead Man Hang x10 (4-count)
5 burpees
Alabama Prom Dates x10 (4-count)
Merkins x5 (4 count)

Mosey to the Parking Lot…grab a block (thank you to Site Q-bota for the new blocks):

For purposes of simplicity, the next 40 minutes of the Beatdown were conducted while carrying a block.

Mosey to South Ridge and Cameron. 20 curls.

Mosey to Cameron and Culpepper. Triple check.

PAX 1: Bernie Sanders up the hill; run back down.
PAX 2: Overhead press
PAX 3: Bench press

Mosey to Grattan and Culpepper. Triple check.

PAX 1: Option A: Bear crawl to the dump truck (sans block). Option B: Run to the pick-up (with block).
PAX 2: Little baby block crunches
PAX 3: Curls

Mosey to South Ridge and Cameron. 20 of something.

Mosey to the parking lot (far corner): 20 block exercises. Dealer’s Choice / OYO.

Return the blocks.

Mosey to the VSF for 3 MsOM.
30 Flutter kicks (4-count)
Reverse crunches
4 burpees

Announcements / Requests:

Firewoman Kate is having neck surgery tomorrow. Let’s hope for a successful operation and a quick recovery. Prayers for her and the whole First Responder family this week.

Gumbo and Rosie have something cookin’. It involves a Triangle. Look for more details and plan to attend.

Splinter is starting a new hammock rental business. See Slack for details.

Safe travels and a good time for everyone at the BRR. Let’s do this!


YHC’s momma turns 83 tomorrow. When one raises 4 reasonably well-adjusted kids (or any number of kids) who have turned into halfway decent adults / parents, that deserves respect. Being a parent involves learning how to carry a little bit heavier load than we each planned (by analogy, the block). As we get older, sometimes life throws more blocks at us. Mom has gone through the last 12 years learning how to do things on-her-own (like many of our parents). Sometimes smooth; sometimes a little rocky, but always pushing forward. Happy birthday, mom.


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