Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunrise contemplation


10 men, forged in the gloom fires. YHC was yet again informed that the Q was his.

Mosey to the circle for warmups: SSHs, DQs, dead man hangs, Imperial Walkers, mirkins, LBCs, etc.

Flagpole dora: 100 pole smokers, 200 mirkins, 300 jump squats with timer running the short loop.

Bear crawl to the top of the stairs.

Breath-slowing exercises.

Indigenous rail crawl the entire length of the ramp.

Starting from the bottom, 11s with burpees and WW2s. Halfway through, audible to hand-release mirkins.

At the road, mosey up to the top of Mt Chaplain for a new exercise called ‘sunrise appreciation.’ 1 full minute of quiet contemplation.

Another day to be alive and give thanks.



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