Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy Days


There was energy in the air at Rock N Roll today. 2 FNG’s plus our resident motivators (Hardywood and Mickey) made for a memorable affair. A brief summary for your viewing pleasure:

Mosey to tennis court for Warmarama:
Ukrainian Soldiers, Imperial Walker, Mummy Kicks, Squatting Bruce Lee Punches, Monkey Love Makers, HR Merkins, Alabama Prom Dates, Across the court: Mario Jumps, High Knees, Bernie Sanders, Side Shuffles.

Exercise One: Each PAX calls an ab exercise then runs around the tennis court with Kettle Bell doing Around the Worlds. PAX performs ab exercise until they return: LBC’s, WWII’s, Flutter Kicks, Peter Parkers, American Hammers, Crunchy Frogs, American Hammer Arm Circles, Freddy Mercuries, LBC’s with elbow Touches, Side LBC’s, Hello Dollies, Freestyle (you choose).

Mosey to the Guard Rail for a CHALLENGE: 100 dips, stop when the first person finishes (Snuff).

To the big parking lot for Exercise Two: Track Workout

Run at 25% around the curve, 50% on straight away, 75% on curve, 100% on straight away.

Finished three sets, then one bonus round!

To the Baseball Field for Exercise Three:
PAX divides into two groups.
Round 1: One team Bear Crawls to Fence, runs back. Other team does Merkins.
Round 2: Crab Walk and Jump Squats
Round 3: Jumping Herpees and Alternating Shoulder Taps.

Mosey back to the parking lot for Exercise Four: Monkey Humper Ring of Fire
Monkey Humpers until all of the PAX have done three burpees.

Exercise Four: The Mickey
30 pole smokers, 20 incline merkins, 20 derkins, 20 burpees, 100 Mountain Climbers.

Back to the Flag: Two minutes of Broga


Fonzie took us out.

Final Thoughts: Strong work today fellas! It was great welcoming Big Rig and Fonzie into the group. Both had interesting back stories and really pushed through the workout. I will let them tell the stories of their nicknames. Keep posting! Enjoyed some 2F at Starbucks afterwards.
Have a great weekend


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