Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

dojo a la carte



heckled by the strong crowd of 12 betting on YHC fartsacking or at least being late I proved them wrong on both accounts

mixture of dead man hangs, ukrainian soldiers, dollies, rosalitas, LBCs, and helicopters

The troops earned their white belt with a light mixture of kung fu shuffle – front kicks, round kicks, side kicks, jabs, upper cuts and elbows to round of dan’s dojo cobra kai style


Wilson with choice A or choice B chose the beast of new market. It was a 2 part build a beast up Satan’s Hill with merkins, WW2s, SSH’s, dry docks, dollies, and burpees for the finale. Audible called, but some wanted to finish the last 25 yard exercise down the hill. Strong men wanted to get it done.

quick merkin circle of fire

Announcement was convergence dogpile, namarama, numberama – FNG is Rosco’s son. Rosco didn’t approve of any dukes of hazard names the PAX suggested except for General Lee. YHC considered renaming Rosco OJ (Obstruction of Justice) but kept his cool and made command decision for General Lee.

YHC brought us out with prayers for eachother, our government, and God’s vision. This is a group with some grit. THanks for allowing me to lead.


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