Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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YHC posted to Urban Assault in Winston Salem on 8/19. Super pumped to pick the day they attacked the hills of downtown. Backblast posted on F3WinstonSalem.com is below:

IPC is Coming (Maybe?)

Date: 8/19/22

PAX: Fudd (from Richmond), Wobegon, Crash, Gretel, Lamb Chop(!), Spicoli, Post Hole, Greenspan


SSHs, Leg Stretches, Whirlies, Abe Vigodas, Cherry Pies, Let’s Go!

The Thang:

Mosey up to 6th Street where our hilly journey was clarified.  We would mosey west on 6th Street, stopping at each red light for an IPC-lite exercise.  Stops along the way yielded:

  • Hand-release Hurpees x 10 (which, really, is 30 merkins + 10 burpees)
  • Bonnie Blairs x 25
  • Bonnie Blairs x 10
  • Side-straddle hops x 50
  • WW2s x 25

Lamb Chop exercised his mouth along the way, petitioning a turnaround as he apprehended where we were headed.  After a bit farther mosey down Pilot View, YHC acquiesced and we moseyed back towards home.  Left on Jersey, and back up 4 ½ street, right on   Along the way, we performed:

  • Merkins x 30
  • Burpees x 10

Upon arrival at home, the cup check:

  • Merkins x 5 at mid, low, high, mid, wide, mid, and diamond hand positions each



  • The Shmed 5k and FunRun, August 28th. All proceeds to benefit Crisis Control.  Sign up at https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/WinstonSalem/Shmedfest.
  • Spicoli has Q at Impossible Situation tomorrow.
  • Opportunities to serve with both Giles’s move and GreenNest tomorrow.

Prayer Requests:

  • People struggling with addictions.
  • Lamb Chop’s M’s pregnancy.


  • The theme was moseys with IPC-type exercises intermingled based on the timing of traffic lights, i.e. fortune.
    • Lamb Chop asked when IPC was so he could be ready to mock and complain.
    • In a turn of concern, the F3 Greenwood website is down. It would be terrible if they couldn’t get the dispatches out on the 2022 version of their torture rack.
  • Post Hole debated on coming this morning based on the “hills” pre-blast. He was a happy he conquered the sack.
  • Fudd is on his way from Richmond to Asheville for a meeting and stopped in Dashland. He’s been training for BRR and it showed.
  • Wobegon got YHC out for an EC run where we commiserated on the fun of the West Virginia Ragnar last weekend and dreamed on how to deepen the DashPax’s 3rd T-claps to the Na’ntan.
  • Spicoli rolled in on Spicoli Time but in time to join us for the critical stretching portion of the warmups.
  • Crash was having memory problems, thinking that he had been on Pilot View at previous UA Q by YHC; it was in fact a Flatline Q, which is half the distance that Bailey Park is, but still worth forgetting.
    • The goal was to reach Hanes Park before turning around. We’ll have to try again next time.
  • Gretel was the quiet man this morning, just getting it done without any whining.
  • YHC’s cadence on Abe Vigodas was a little aggressive initially. I dialed it back to a more reasonable pace.
  • We intersected a couple of OGs (Lemming and Woodpecker) around Foot Hills on the return trip to Bailey Park who comment that “You boys are a long ways from home.” They didn’t know the half of it.
  • A great regret was not getting to the 50 pull-ups YHC had planned. #Cobains.

Great job, men.  Everyone have a good weekend.

Post Hole, the keys are on Pilot View; they popped out with YHC’s phone.


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