Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Always a Happy Ending


10 bootcampers and 4 runners gathered together at THE source of tricep soreness. Here is a brief summary for your viewing pleasure:

Mosey to the front of the school for warm-up:

Ukranian Soldiers
Monkey Love Makers
Mummy Kicks
Alabama Prom Dates
Hand Release Merkins
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Squatting Side Shuffles x 2
Bernie Sanders

To Mount Midlo for Exercise One:
Indigenous Peoples Crab Walk – worked our way down the hill, man in the back breaks off and does burpees x2, then runs to the front.

Exercise Two: Suicides up Mount Midlo – 3 stopping points. WWII sit-ups x5 when you hit the bottom.

CHALLENGE: All PAX do Heels to Heaven x 100. Stop when the first person is finished (Heist)

Pulled the rope while running back up, then over to the track.

Exercise 3: 4 corners around the track – 10 burpees, 20 Flutter Kicks, 30 jump squats, 40 Monkey Humpers.

Exercise 4: Glory Days 100 yard sprints down the football field. 5 sets with 15 seconds rest in between.

Back to the Flag for Numbers/Names/Announcements/Prayer Requests

OC took us out

Final Thoughts: Lots of Deshaun Watson mumble chatter at the start of the workout. Nancy Lopez and the other Dawg Pound faithful seem to have a good sense of humor about the situation. YHC hadn’t been out to SOT in a while – It was great meeting Heist and McRib. I had to check out Mount Midlo! Strong work by all today – runners got in 5 and were looking smooth.


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