Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy Birthday Pop


YHCs grandfather (Arlett Franklin Edwards, Jr.) was born August 19, 1922 and left this world on June 13, 2022 (just a little more than two months shy of his 100th birthday). Five HIM joined YHC at Twin Team this morning to help pay tribute to a man that inspired me more than I can ever express. Here’s what went down this morning:


Burpees x 8

SSHs x 19

Merkins x 19

LBCs x 22

Burpees x 6

DQs x 13

Helicopters x 20

Cherry Pickers x 22

Mosey to jungle gym for Morning Call:

Plank up in a line. First PAX member does five pull-ups and the rest of the PAX does a merkin for each pull-up. Repeat for all.

Crawls and WWIIs: Starting at the end of the field, 1) army crawl to somewhere that looks like 25 yards and perform 10 WWIIs, 2) then bear crawl to the 50 and do 15 WWIIs, 3) crab walk to the 75 and do 20 WWIIs, 4) polar bear crawl to the end and do 25 WWIIs.

Mosey to black top for Millennial (or 10 100s): Exercise is called. First person to 100 ends the round and PAX runs to the other end of the black top for the next round. Exercises included American Hammers, Jump Squats, Merkins, Shoulder Taps, Flutters, Burpees (done as a collective), something kind of like Peter Parkers, Squats, and two more I can’t remember.

BTTF for 5 minutes of Mary: Rosalitas, Crunchy Frogs, Alabama Prom Dates, Dying Cockroaches, and something else.

Numbers, names, announcements, prayer requests, YHC took us out.

Announcements: F3RVA retreat coming up (see pre-blast for details), Labor Day Convergence at Dogpile (7am)

NMS: YHC is gonna admit it, today is tough. Pop was a constant in my life for 42 years and a HIM that inspired me to work hard. YHC is grateful for the HIM of F3RVA that also inspire me to be a better version of myself. Special thanks to those that endured my tribute to Pop this morning.

Pop was a very proud WWII vet serving in Europe from 1942-1945 with the Army’s 2nd General Hospital 44th Evac Hosp. His constant stories of those good ole days always served to remind me why they call his the greatest generation. He owned a tv and radio repair business in Danville for many years…and although he shut down that business in the 80s, he kept working until he was 90. I never met a man that worked as hard as he did. He was married to my grandmother for 75 years before she passed in 2021. He truly missed her and I suppose it makes sense that he followed her as quickly as he could.

Have a great Friday fellas! Hug your families and let the know how much you love them. Peace!


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