Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Darth Tater


8 for Circus Maximus today. Three days in a row for our recent FNG, Lasso. Lasso is Lighthouse’s niece’s husband. Great to have him! Great to have Fireman Ed back from vacation. The highlight from his vacation was without a doubt, the visit to the Potato Museum in Idaho. Maybe followed by the 40-degree nights. However, lately temperature wise in Richmond, I can’t complain, especially for August.


I forgot my kettlebell. Byproduct offered me his and was going to take the 20-pound KB I use to anchor the flag. But fortunately, Whitedeer had an extra 25-pound KB. The great thing about kettlebells is that it’s like a handicap with golf. You can compensate with the weight of the KB so everyone is equal. Sometimes, I feel guilty only handling a 25-pound bell when Offshore has a 45-pound bell. But I am able to get over it.?


We started with a warmup:


SSHs, Ukrainian Soldiers, Don Quixote, stretch arms, stretch hamstrings.

20 High Pulls (single count): 20 Deep Mountain Climbers (in cadence); 18 of each, 16 of each, etc.

Stretch and catch breath

Slingshot 10 each direction (around body)
Halo 10 each direction (handle points up in front, upside down in back)
Single Arm Deadlift (Keep back and legs straight, bend at waist, KB on ground to KB at waist) 10 each side
Single Leg Deadlift 10 each leg (Same leg goes up as the arm with the kettlebell, try to maintain balance)
Turkish Getup 5 each side (leg bent at knee is the same side as upraised arm)
Run around Island Oyster backed off at the last letting me have first place. What a pearl of guy!
Goblet Squat 20 in total (handles pointing down, deep squat)
Racked squat 10 each side
Racked lunge 10 each side
Alternating Single arm swing 20 in total
Clean and Press 10 each side (start with KB on ground, bend knees, keep KB close to body)
Run around island
Squat and Press
Bottom up Clean 10 each side (KB upside down at rack, hold 5 seconds)
Overhead squat 10 each side (KB held with arm straight above head)
Curls 20 each
Snatch 10 each side (Start with KB between legs, End with KB above head.)


Waiter’s carry to the flag. 20 flutters in cadence, 60 second leg raise. Finish


Numberama, namerama, announcements


The Crucible this Saturday at 7:30. Offshore has the Q. Blackwell Elementary, south of the James. Byproduct reported that Labrat rode 18 miles on his bicycle recently. How wonderful!


Takeout by YHC.


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