Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Four posted for this week’s Punisher. Gather ever so briefly in the parking lot before moseying halfway around the paved area for start-up Circle of Pain. With a few Burpees mixed in between other exercises, we completed SSHs, IWs, DQs, Helicopters, Ukrainian Soldiers, Carolina Dry Docks, Freddie Mercur(ies), and Seal Claps.

Relocate a few feet and complete short conveyor through nearby parking spaces, alternating four Merkins and four Squats per space. Finish with a few Burpees. Find a spot on a nearby curb for Lindsays, alternating curb Dips with Reverse Crunches

Move to the longer arc area of the parking lot for a second conveyor, alternating two count Curtsy Lunges with Wide Grip Merkins. Circle up for 11s with two count Plank Jacks and two count Overhead Air Presses.

Mosey to the school wall for People’s Chair medley with a few Donkey Kicks mixed in. Hit a shaded grassy spot for a few Ring of Fire rounds and finish with some yoga / stretching. YHC took us out.

Taking a hint from text streams and posting the backblast within a few days of the workout – guess it is easy enough. Apologies for past backblast transgressions, but can’t promise it won’t happen again!


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