Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That’s okay, we can run


5 Regulars and 1 FNG, hit the parking lot of Timberwolf at 5:30 this morning.

Move away from the parking area just in case someone comes in hot or the trash man comes in early COP right there

DQ’s – 5 burpees, Helicopters – 4 burpees, Imperial Squat Walkers – 3 burpees, Ukrainian Soldiers – 2 burpees, HillBillies – 10 burpees

Warning to the PAX, YHC asked Posey last night what we should do, Posey said anything but run

From this point forward every time a mosey is called it will be a Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear or a Crab Walk

Bear Crawl to the side wall

Balls to the wall Hip slaps (IC), 15 Donkey Kicks (OYO), Walk out Balls to the Wall (IC), 15 Donkey Kicks (OYO), Plank facing the wall walk hands up and then down (IC), 15 Donkey Kicks (OYO)

Mosey (Bear Crawl) to the tennis court

4 Corners Prostitute on one court

Side Crab walk to Corner 1 for 10 LBCs, side crab back to start, back to corner 1 then Bear Crawl to corner 2 Hello Dollies, Corner 3 Rosalitas, Corner 4 WWII

Walk out to student drop off line, Lung walk to sidewalk, Murder Bunnies to the gate, Broadjump Burpees to the flag

Numbers / Names YHC took us out


Not only did Posey challenge YHC to have a Q without running but YHC jokingly said “after my Q you won’t be able to swing a bat”. To which Posey replied, “you can’t do that!”. YHC – “I CAN’T????”. Welcome aboard Gator, it was great to have you with us this morning and we hope to see you stick with it.


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