Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

On Campus Tour


A whopping 13 amigos pulled the early morning shift on the Tuckahoe Neighborhood Watch to determine if the predawn hours were any less swampy but found no such reprieve. With Handshake arriving early for Broga, Marv turned out to be the launch timer. The following was rumored to have occurred for your viewing pleasure.

Short mosey over to the church for warmarama, disclaimers and all legal documentation. Exercises included Invisible Jumprope, Helis, Dead Man Hang, Jazzercise, LBC’s, Hello Dollies, Rosalitas. No sweat dripping yet, lets begin:

COP 1: Mankillers: With everyone in position, YHC decided to bust out a fan favorite to burn some clock and determine the rest of the routine. Kubota could not contain his excitement and was thrilled with decision.

COP 2: Slow mosey to the coupon pile to collect some weight. Group of 3’s and 4’s all added up to a variety of Triple Checks. Many exercises in 3 sets with timer either running or block reps.

Numbers Names Announcements and Prayers – Kubota took us out.

NMS: After weeks of going off campus with plenty of miles logged, YHC had no plan except to avoid exercises named after states and tours around neighboring streets. Triple Checks seemed like a good way to encourage good mumble chatter and have some laughs along the way. Topics included, among others, timely slack posting, beach attire and scheduling the open house at Flo’s new Scotts Addition abode. Mankillers were just an added touch to bring some SOJ class to the group. Appreciative of the great numbers turning out in the humid temps. T-shirt ideas should be a flowin.


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