Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What if we go to the right?


For the 5 pax present to launch at the regularly scheduled time QIC wanted to explore a different turn off a familiar route. What’s to the right on Douglasdale? Hills and a guard post is the answer.

The route: Commonwealth across Cary to Berkshire bear right as it becomes Sulgrave. Left on Marston to Gun Club. Right Queen Charlotte. Right Portland to Douglasdale. 4 milers turn back at Douglasdale. Route continues RIGHT on Douglasdale. Right on Loch Lomond Ct cul-de-sac and right on Douglasdale again. Down the hill to say hi to the guard at the post before the quarry. Back up Douglasdale to Right on Loch Lomond Lane cul-de-sac back to right on Douglasdale. 5 milers return route left on Portland. 6 milers (none today) right on Portland to right on Rothesay Circle. Follow the circle around including the short spur and join back with Portland. Return to base the way you got there.

4 milers apparently got off track and missed Sulgrave. As for the 4+ contingent, Chippendale groaned when QIC reinforced the “Right turn on Douglasdale” which takes you down a hill to the guard shack at the gate of the quarry. Loch Lomond Ct and Lane each go up and over steep hills to add some distance.

There were no 6 milers today to confirm but QIC drove Rothesay Circle early to make sure it was a good idea and it’s a nice secluded residential loop.

All in all it’s a nice route providing a flat start and finish with some hill work in the middle.

Early group appears to have done some laps on Hillcrest and worked up a suitable sweat.

Good work men!

Announcements: Shakedown is starting a new AO near Blackwell Elementary and The Healing Place in Manchester 8/6. TYA is your inaugural Q. Consider it for your Saturday posting options!


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