Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Triple Check Hot Potato


3 Davillians came in hot on this first Friday in Aug to workout with a Q

This is how went down

Mosey around the school grounds to our warmup spot

Opus’ Q

COP (ALL IC) – Copperhead squats, helicopters, Chinooks, HRM’s, Reverse Scorpion Kicks, Scorpion Kicks, One Legged Gas Pumps.

Triple Check #1 – Using the picnic benches – Skull Crushers, Dip/Incline Merkins, run a lap around garden area

Spit’s Q

Mosey to the playground

Triple Check #2 – Pull ups, American Hammers, Lunge the bridge and back

Speakeasy’s Q

Mosey to the blacktop

Triple Check #3 – Superman, 6 inches, and broad jump/bear crawl/crab walk

Mosey back to the VSF

5 MOM – Each PAX lead an exercise IC twice followed by a 10 sec ct straight at the end

Numberrama, Namerama, Announcements, Opus took us out


Message went out last night that Trout was planning to Q depending on how much drinking he did the night before. Well looks like he had a fun night so Trio just got in a hot potato. We decided to make it a triple check day since we have the perfect number for it


  • No DaPile tomorrow go to Dogpile for a guest Q
  • Daville takeout this Monday



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