Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Runners


With vacations, work trips, and illness there were no runners at SOT today! Or were there ? According to the bus driver doing a little wake and bake, it went down more or less like this:

Welcome and disclaimer first. Followed by a semi-Slaughter start with a Shake and Bake. 5 merkins then run to the front. Mosey around the school and down to the track.

Warm up with various exercises including Jazzercise, SSH, Reverse Scorpion Kicks, and Hairy Rockettes.

400 meters at 50%

Triple check by concession stand

Balls to wall 

Run up hill

Peoples char

400 meters at 75%

11s up and down the bleacher stairs

Copperhead squats


Cossack dips

30 in cadence 

400 meters at 100


Numbers, Names, Announcements, YHC took us out. prayers for PAX out for various reasons. reminder that The Crucible is happening on Saturdays at 730 going forward!


Enjoyed getting some running in. Great job on pushing everyone! Cossack dips were added after consulting the Exicon, that will be returning again for sure. Thx for the opportunity to lead.


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