Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Today’s Breakfast: HoneyDo sandwich with Pintobutter and Jelly


A dozen HIM’s manned up to welcomed Pinto’s 2.0 FNG to Heartbreak for Ultimate Frisbee. Twas a wee bit gloomy, but by the time our warmerama lap was complete, there was enough light YHC didn’t need to use the glow sticks to mark end zones. We did however enjoy a light-up frisbee which helped a ton with visibility. Teams split up light and dark, with the bad guys stealing Snuff to have one more than YHC’s dark-colors team. YHC reviewed the rules and reminded the PAX of x3 Merkins per turnover for those guys involved, and x3 Burpees for the losers of each touchdown. 

The game went smoothly, with YHC landing the first touchdown in fantastic snag/somersault style, and each team firing back touchdown for touchdown, keeping the score even until the last ten minutes. Tied up 6-6, the Light team put together a couple admirable touchdowns to win 8-6. 

Most memorable highlights were a couple of YHC’s teammates sandwiching HoneyDo in the end zone TWICE to prevent his touchdown efforts. HoneyDo later took it all out on YHC with a palm to the face and a successful touchdown. YHC payed the pain forward with a clumsy slam on Snuff, who silently crumpled into a rib-hugging ball, and for which YHC served some apology burpees. Overall, YHC had a great time as always with the Heartbreak crew, and it’s been a long time since Roger Roger and Lumberg have made it out, so that made the morning extra special! And big welcome to JELLY! The PAX was asked what their favorite beans are (since it’s Pinto’s 2.0), and Jelly was the fan favorite. Always a pleasure, YHC, DTH


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  • Announcerama (see Below)
  • YHC took the PAX out in Prayer

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