Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Owlful Lot of Running


Off to the lake and cut up next to the baseball field, beyond the Robins Center and stadium. Take a left on the illuminated trail and a left on Wheeler. A right on Ridgetop where the early morning’s air was abuzz with the sound of generators.

A nice long climb to the top and a right on Patterson. 4s turn on Pepper to bounce down Toanna to the shovel flag. 5s turn on Libbie to Grove to the access road to Toanna. 6s take a right on Harlan and a left on Roslyn to pick up Grove, the access road and Toanna.

Bone Thugs took us out.


The Pax circled up, but no Sippy and Marv. Just before we were about to call the search party they emerged down the road. An owl swooped from a tree and took Marv’s hat. Despite Marv’s best efforts, he was not able to convince the owl to relinquish the hat to its rightful owner. The owl moved with great stealth, speed, and precision, lifting the hat from a mid-stride Marv.

After the workout, Marv was able to reclaim his hat. We are not certain what deal he made with the owl. Perhaps we now know “who do you cook for?”.


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