Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Nothing on Starlite, Switching to Thermal


11 pipe hitters showed up armed and ready, full of Tiger blood for a good ole fashioned circus of Seal PT and war games at The Forge to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the movie Navy Seals.  Fresh off the success of Platoon and before we knew that he was banging seven gram rocks, Charlie Sheen starred in this ’90s classic. YHC should have done his back blast sooner, because details are getting sketchy like the morning after a party at Charlie Sheen’s house.  (Are these jokes from 2011 doing anything for you?)

Playing by our own set of rules like Lt. Hawkins, we went in hard and fast with the deflated boat (ran out of time to blow it up), heading straight for the logs; we ran around the nearest parking lot with them and then put the logs on the ground.  Everyone picked a parking space for some:

Side straddle hops


Rocking Superman’s (assume the Superman pose and use your core to rock you back and forth)

Seal Burpees (Burpees mixed with extra Merkins and mountain climbers.)

Crossing the Line’s

Log play:

We broke out into teams and picked up the logs again for a four corners. 

Curls for the girls

Overhead presses


Run around the parking lot

War Games:

We split into two teams with a cooler full of ammo at the top and bottom of the hill. Team one defended the high ground, and Team two was on offense.   

If you were hit with water, you had to do three merkins and return to your ammo supply to get back in the fight. We had three team matches and then the fourth was an all-out free-for-all.  

Back to the flag for announcements and prayer requests.

Thank you all for indulging me in my nod to pop culture. However, when you get the chance, read up on the history of naval special warfare!  You won’t regret it.  If you’re interested in a brief summary, copy the link: https://www.navysealmuseum.org/about-navy-seals/seal-history-the-naval-special-warfare-storyseal-history-the-naval-special-warfare-story/seal-history-origins-of-naval-special-warfare-wwii

I was a radioman in the Navy, met a few Navy Seals, but never was one. I also didn’t realize until recently, there is a cottage industry of people who fraudulently pretend to be Navy Seals for monetary benefit.  Check out Retired Navy Seal Don Shipley as he busts these frauds and exposes them on YouTube.

Lastly, we train at these AO’s not only to just prepare our bodies but also the mind. We are all in this fight together.  Even if you get knocked down, get back in the fight.  The only easy day was yesterday!  I am Bone Thugs, and I’ll see you at the crossroads. 


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