Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

78 at 5:30


Eight runners and ruckers converged in the Rutland clubhouse parking lot with plans to run or ruck while trying to stay cool. With it being 78 degrees at 5:30 AM, the staying cool plan would be a challenge. Three groups took off in various directions. The Ruckers were Yardsale, No Idea, and Jinxy. The Runners were in 3 groups, Opus and Mr. Holland, Speakeasy and YHC, and Corned Beef solo. The runners did the Rutland/Cool Spring Forest/Knollwood loop. The Ruckers walked towards Atlee Road and went in some direction from there.

COT: Numberarama, Name-O-Rama, Announcements, YHC took us out


Today was a hot and humid day. In saying that, an F3 workout is always a sunny and 70 way to start the day. The question did come up if a VQ can occur with a run or does the VQ need to be a bootcamp? This discussion occurred as the DaVille nano-region determines the Qs for future takeovers and who will cover the DaVille AO.


  • This Saturday, DaPile will be held at the Kings Charter clubhouse at 7 AM and will be very FNG friendly. Spread the word.
  • Next Thursday, July 28, The Tomato Run will start at Buffalo Wild Wings at 1090 Virginia Center Pkwy, Glen Allen, VA 23059 to run down Virginia Center Parkway to run the Village View Parkway hill. Come on out and challenge your running or rucking endurance.
  • Monday, August 8 is the next DaVille takeover.

Outstanding job today everybody!

Gotta Run!



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