Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Oh my lort.


7 guys came out for an epic beatdown of the hot potato variety.

Started out with a Yardsale
COP — arm circles, cherry pickers, HRM’s, SSH, some other things I don’t remember

Triple Check
Run the loop, demon crushers, sit up presses

Pass it on to the trout
Off to the bus loop…
bear crawl with KB to the light then 25 KB swings
bear crawl with KB to the next light 25 kb swings again
crawl bear with KB to the next light burpees with kb up to chin
crawl bear with KB to next light lay on back and touch heels
backward lunge with KB — around the worlds

Opus took the next one —
Don’t Drop the soap
Hold KB in front of you for as long as possible
When you drop it, run a penalty lap and then 15 merkins
Do this 2x
which left us enough time for a bunch of boat canoes!

Numbers, Names
Announcements — neighborhood (Kings Charter) workout at 7 this upcoming Saturday!

NMS — great group this morning at Manndate! Trout brought the hammer down and killed all of us with the bear crawl/crawl bear with kettlebells. Brutal.


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