Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Talkative FNG


7 Regulars, 1 Semi-Regular, 1 New Regular and 1 FNG descended upon the sunny confines of northwest Henrico for a summer beatdown. Tater embarked on a new strategy of greeting the FNG with a bro hug. Me thinks they have known each other awhile. Probation, one of our semi-regulars invited him to Gridiron.

COP: DQs, CPs, HRMs, FMs and Supermen. Mosey to second field.

11s: HRMs and WWIIs.

Partner wheelbarrows, 25 2 count flutters at each side of the field. Mosey to parking lot on way to front of school.

4 corners: 10 burpees, 20 jump squats, 30 2 count mountain climbers, 40 SSHs. Mosey to pavilion near home base.

Lindseys with derkins and one count step ups. Each set required a job to the goal post and back. Mosey to home base wall.

Triple checks (2), 1 was wall sit coupon presses, 2 – heels to heaven 3 – run around the parking lot. Second triple check was 1 – coupon bicep curls, 2 – elbow plank and 3 – run to benches and 20 LBCs (in honor of J’ville).

Finished with a stretch and counterama.

Prayers for Lab rat, Pinto, Blue Moon, J’ville and anyone else with COVID and/or on the IR. The title comes from our FNG – Will Call (had to do with a side ticket business) aka Xavier aka Mike or Mikey. Although he struggled at a couple parts of the workout he came in with gusto. Welcome aboard. Good luck to Mariner on his baseball tournament. Also, I found out that White Deer owns a white shirt. Thanks to HoneyDo for leading the Bridge today and for you all letting me lead.

Do great things!


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