Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation” – Don Draper


A quiet group of 7 gathered for this weeks Heartbreak Ridge and this is what transpired

Mosey around the front of the school and back around to the Bus Gas loop area for a COP which included various exercises

Mosey to the Bus Loop, and line up along the 7 Poles. Everyone does Pole Smokers but P1 does 10 and runs down 7 poles. P2 repeats until the end. Exercises to swapped at exhaustion to LBC’s and HRM’s

Mosey up to the loop in front of Pemberton Elementary School for a Triple Check. P1 does Wall Sits, P2 does WWII’s, P3 runs the loop.

Mosey over to the Playground on Pemberton Elementary School and partner up. P1 does 5 Pullups, P2 does Flutter Kicks (round 1), Freddie Mercuries (round 2). Repeat for 6 rounds.

Mosey to the field and do a Four Corners, Corner 1: 10 Burpess, Corner 2: 20 HRM’s, Corner 3: 30 Jump Squats, Corner 4: SSH’s

Mosey back to the Flag for 4 Minutes of Mary with various Ab exercises.

Announcements – The Bridge this weekend, Honeydo is the Q but if you’d like to Clown Car reach out to him

Prayer Requests – Johnsonville and Chum Bucket as they get through Covid

NMS – After a long 10 days of no F3 it’s always hard to get back. Easiest 2 ways to come back after a break is to: 1) Sign up to be Q: you have no made yourself responsible and expected to be there, no excuses 2) You choose the workout, so you can ease yourself back in or “pull off the Band Aid” your choice. The Backblast title comes from #2 “if you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation” meaning if you don’t want to get your butt kicked by someone else’s workout, then sign up to lead.

YHC has enjoyed his 4+ years in F3. It’s allowed YHC to see what and how other people lead/are inspired to lead/lead in their own way. Also, it’s allowed YHC to see and recognize his own personal limitations and struggles. While vacation and sleeping in was really nice, it’s not sustainable for YHC’s mental and physical health.


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