Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Trees, Burpees, Trees, Burpees, Trees, Burpees…


7 men of F3, skipped the snooze, skipped the fart sack, and all but 1 skipped the Breakfast Club call out. Good job Hutton! 5:30 and the search was on for DaPile….

SSH, DQ, Cherry Pickers, SSH, Merkins, LBC, Freddy Mercury.

The Thang:
Oyster: Mosey to the Hill by the Water Treatment for a Triple Check.
Partner 1: Run up the hill to the fence.
Partner 2: Flutter Kicks.
Partner 3: Merkins.

Pass the Potato to BaconBits.
Bacon Bits: Mosey to the tennis courts for a Dora.
100 Merkins, 150 Squats, 200 SSH, 150 Monkey Humpers, 100 LBC.

Pass the Potato to EF Hutton.
EF Hutton: Mosey back to the Carillon. On the way stop at every light pole = 2 burpees, every tree = 5 Merkins.

Pass the Potato to Fudd.
Fudd: Mosey to the end of the Carillon field. Every other tree 2 Burpees and 10 SSH for the other trees.

Pass the Potato to Nancy Lopez.
Nancy: Mosey to the bottom of the amphitheater. Ascending Merkins on the way up. Back down Descending log jumps.

Pass the Potato to Mr. Rogers.
Mr. Rogers: Mosey to the Circle. Curb Crawl to other side 5 jump squats, Crab Walk back an do 20 SSH. Repeat 3x.

Pass the Potato to Bodos.
Bodos: Mosey back to the flag for some Mary. American Hammers, LBC, 5 Burpees on your own.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

NMS: YHC noticed the Q spot for Dogpile was ready for a good old Hot Potato. Signed up for the Q and we were able to pass the Q to each person. Everyone had a chance to bring the pain and that’s exactly what was issued. Thanks gents, what a perfect morning. Lots of trees and lots of burpess.

Announcements: Monday — Convergence 7am Forest Hill Park, meet at the Stone House (it’s on google).


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