Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lady Gaga and the Gang


Nine of RVA’s finest gentlemen converged in the dark lot of Mary for a Thursday morning beatdown. Seeing that YHC drove past the PAX at 5:25 to make a drop off on the blacktop, Pucker asked if there was a “surprise” waiting for later in the workout. Indeed there was…

COP on the blacktop. Normal COP stuff today

Chutes and Ladders at the Treeline: Run two trees, Bernie Sanders back one tree, 5 merkins. Then run two more trees, back one tree, 5 more merkins. Rinse and repeat to the last tree.
Round 2: Same program with WW2s.
Round 3: Same program with 3 Burpees at each tree

GAGA BALL: The pax moseyed back to the Gaga Pit, at which point the SURPRISE Q emerged in the person of 10 year old Franny Widmer, aka Lady Gaga, aka Poker face ,aka Gagaball champion of Mary Munford school. Franny instructed the Pax on the rules of Gagaball, although she suspiciously continued to update us on the rules through the play. The pax played several rousing games of Gagaball, the twist being that when eliminated you step out of the pit and perform the exercises directed by the Q. Franny won most of the games but the grown men won a couple too.

TRIPLE CHECK: P1: Wall sit, P2: American Hammers, P3: run to the benches at the front of the school, 5 dips, run back.

COP, COT, Numberama, Namerama. YHC took us out

NMS: Thanks for welcoming the surprise Q today. Last night when talking to Franny about my ideas for the workout this morning, Franny suggested Gagaball , and suggested that she herself could come and teach us how to play. Kudos to the kid who was willing to wake up at 5am on summer vacation and show us the ropes!


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